You will pray for Nyantakyi’s comeback if you don’t put up better structures – Riga

EX Footballer, Mustapha Riga has thrown a word of caution to the Normalization Committee and all stakeholders of Ghana Football to put up better structures else Ghanaians will pray for Kwesi Nyantakyi to come back to football.

Kwesi Nyantakyi was captured in an investigative video dubbed Number 12 video allegedly taking bribe as the President of the Ghana Football Association and was slapped with a lifetime ban by FIFA from all football related activities as a result of that.

Speaking to Abaidoo Abednego on the Friday edition of the Spice Center Sports, Mustapha Riga said Ghanaians will cry for the comeback of Kwesi Nyantakyi if better structures are not built.

“Put up structures that will prevent referees from taking bribes, you have to put up such structures there before you can start, else you will pray for Kwesi Nyantakyi to come back, I’m telling you. If you don’t go according to the structure of real football, we will pray for Nyantakyi to comeback” Mustapha Riga said in an interview with Spice FM.

“We have now done something very good by stopping football, we have to work very hard, I have not even heard on TV or on radio that the new committee have started working on recruitment of new referees, let’s go to universities and put together those interested in football and register them, train them to be referees; they need we the former footballers to give them such ideas but they see us as threat” he added.

By Francis Hema