Western Region Receives Its Share of 12Million Free Energy Saving Bulbs – President

The Western Region has received its share of the 12 million free Energy Saving Bulbs which is expected to be distributed across the Country.

In a symbolic gesture that marked the commissioning of the first gas supply from Atuabo Gas to the KarPower Plant at Takoradi Naval Base, the President handed a box of energy saving bulbs to the Western Regional Minister and MP for Takoradi Constituency, Kobby Okyere Darko Mensah, to indicate government’s Commitment to start the free distribution of the bulbs from the Western Region.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo spoke about the 12 million bulbs which have been purchased and ready to be distributed across the country.

“Some time ago I authorized the Ministry of Energy to purchase and distribute of 12million Energy Saving Bulbs across the country beginning from the Western Region, we can save anything up to 120Mega Watts in the use of these bulbs so they really have significant importance”.

The 450megawatts power plant that was stationed at Tema Harbor needed at least 30,000 tons of oil every month or simply $9m of fuel every month to be imported into the country. The Heavy Fuel Oil plant had a heavy toll on government. The question is if the plant could run on gas and the government could save millions why not?

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo Spoke about the 12 million bulbs which have been purchased and ready to be distributed across the country.

President explains the benefit of relocating the KarPower Plant from Tema Harbour to Takoradi Naval Base.

“There are several savings that has come out now that we are going to use gas as the primary source of power generation in the country. We are talking significance some of money over the course of next 10 year, we are looking at something in excess of a billion dollars worth of savings in the generation power via gas.”

According to the president his administration will put the country on sound footing so that the development which is expected to take place in Ghana over the years ahead will be the one that will not only benefit all section of our society but will also be irreversible.

”The business in Ghana where we go forward and stumble and go back we want to put that behind us by making intelligent arrangement in all sectors of our national life so that from now onwards we can go forward without looking backwards”

He also added that the arrangement is also to ensure that the Kar Power plant produces affordable energy to supply households and industry with power to end Ghana’s energy Crisis which affects industry and interest of Potential investors.

President appreciated the continues positive relationship Ghana has had with Turkey, the Western Naval base Command and the entire citizens of Sekondi Takoradi since the inception of the project and the of contribution of all stakeholders toward the project.