There Are Lots of Lessons and Examples to Guide the Current Administration of the GFA – Hon Alex Agyekum

Chairman of the Parliamentary Select on Sports Hon Alex Agyekum has said that the current administration of the Ghana Football Association led by Kurt ES Okraku and his Executive Council should be guided by lessons and examples of the past.

The Ghana Football Association led by Kurt ES Okraku met with the Parliamentary Select Committee on Sports on November 27th, 2019 as part of their meetings with various stakeholders of football and they were advised to take a clue from past experiences.

Speaking to Abaidoo Abednego on Spice Center Sports, Hon Alex Agyekum revealed that he urged the current administration to take lessons from various commissions of enquiries that were set up due to reasons which includes scandals and other things.

“They are no more like people on a desert without a footpath, there are lots of examples and lessons to guide them and I wish they will be guided as such. I made reference to various commission of enquiries and recommendations that have been made in the past which were all set due to one or two reasons which includes scandals upon scandals so they should be guided by that” Hon Alex Agyekum said.

By Francis Hema