“The Police cannot sack any Community police assistance”- Alhaji Ibrahim Bashiru

“The Police cannot sack any Community police assistance”- Alhaji Ibrahim Bashiru

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Alhaji Ibrahim Bashiru (Deputy Chief Executive Officer- Youth Employment Agency)


Alhaji Ibrahim Bashiru who is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for the Youth Employment Agency (NYEA), in charge of operation has cautioned the Regional Commanders Ghana Police Service not to attempt to dismiss any community police assistant for they do not have the power to do so.

The new Community Policing Assistance (CPA) concept rolled out under the Nana Addo led administration is to ensure that community policing assistance are trained in communication and observation skills, intelligence gathering and basic police duties in order to enable them interact effectively and be accessible to members of their electoral areas who need their assistance.

Speaking to Spice FM’s Kojo Ennimil Arthur, Alhaji Ibrahim Bashiru explained that if the Police Service want to dismiss anyone under the NYEA in the Community Policing Assistance model, they would have to write to the NYEA stating the reasons why they cannot engage that person anymore and the NYEA will then dismiss that person.

“Under the reforms, the CPA’s falls directly under the NYEA so if it becomes necessary the police cannot work with any one of them, they should write to the NYEA spelling out clearly why and they (NYEA) will then dismiss that person”.

He added that they are also not going to allow the junior officers (CPA’s) to be used like it was done some time passed. “That is why we have redefine their rolls. Under the news model all CPA’s are to work in the communities”.

This model which will be operational in all 6000 electoral areas in the country will see these community police assistance working with at least two regular police officers in the communities where they reside.

One thousand, two hundred and eighty eight (1288) community police assistance are expected to be deployed to the Western Region to aid in the operations of the police.

DCOP Akuriba Yaagy

Meanwhile the Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCOP Akuriba Yaagy, has however pleaded with the police officers not to give out their informants since the police thrives on information and these community police assistances are going to help the police officers in their intelligence gathering.

“We should guard jealously the information they give us since they leave in those communities within which they will be working from”.



By: Kojo Ennimil Arthur/spicefmonline.com