STMA: Fire guts three households at Alhaji Bawa in Effia

STMA: Fire guts three households at Alhaji Bawa in Effia

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The contractor working to renew cables and meters around Alhaji Bawa a suburb of Effia in the Sekondi – Takoradi Metropolis has refuted speculations that his works caused the fire outbreak that happened the morning of Thursday January 4, 2018 in the area.

Francis Mawoo insists the make and where the fire started cannot in anyway be blamed on the works he carried out Wednesday January 3, 2018.

Three households at Alhaji Bawa caught fire in the early hours of Thursday January 4, 2018.
Items including television sets, fridges, DVD players and personal effects were completely burnt.

According to one of victims who has been identified as “Happy” at about 8:00 Thursday January 4, 2018 her daughter who was sweeping one of the rooms run to her and reported something was burning inside the room.

She added that minutes after she saw smoke bellowing from the room.

Admittedly, some persons contracted by the Western Region office of the Electricity Company of Ghana were in the area to do some works.

In the course of it, the lead engineer – Francis Mawoo – asked the workers to redo some works he saw not appropriately done.

So the residents suspect this could have triggered the fire.

According to him he has inspected the new lines and meters and there is no torch anywhere to suggest the fire outbreak was caused by the works.

“My subordinate informed me he has finished laying the new lines and installed the meters. When I went to inspect I realized the work was not properly done so I asked him to redo it which he did”.

He insisted the works “we did has nothing to do with the fire outbreak”.

“But l believe that the fire was caused by some electrical spark inside one of the rooms… because one of the residents told us she saw smoke coming from one of the rooms and the work that we did was outside the household so it will not be reasonable to attribute the cause of the fire to the works that we did”.

However a relative of one of the victim’s threatened legal action if it is found out that the works are to blame for the fire outbreak as all their properties have been lost.

“We toiled to obtain these properties valued at millions of Ghana cedis so for us to lose them in a split of a second all due to some poor works done by ECG is unfortunate”.

“If after investigations it is found out the works are to blame then we will go to court to get ECG to do the needful”.