Spice FM Daily Poem: Sea Deep

Is she by nature of a colour blue?
Or a mere reflection of the sky?
The great accumulation of shed tears
From embittered creatures of diverse hue?
Or vast waters that do unify
From all the earth’s squares?

Why do her waves move peacefully so?
Yet with seething wrath the sailor’s ship batters?
Ripples,in sober gentility she creates
But proceeds to rip ship,stern and bow?
Does invigoration to her matter
Though she gutless humanity till date?

The sea.

She’s like a distressed lover,
Who her beloved one cherished.
For him,produced life from her uterus
Withal he with disdain, her waters cover
That Sirens she dispatches to ravish
Her ungrateful lovers,who love not her but avarice.

She’s a distressed lover.
Calm when engulfed in trust
Stormy passion-ed when dubious.
Who can subdue her,her nature adjust?
Who can tame her,her stillness recover?
Dear Sea,O most beautiful Sea.

Abate now,
Abate now,Hush,be still!

By Amenla Nana Entee

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