Spice FM Daily Poem: Purple

He was made from rainbow colors
But the color purple illuminated the most.
It was there, in that smile that rendered her,
Bereft of reason.

It was there, in those eyes that left her,
Bewildered in thought.

It was there, in his gently teasing demeanor
Ever present in his shy, cautious nature
And in his softhearted chivalry.

His purple was not like the robes that
Bedecked the great arms of Julius Caesar,
Or the garments that adorned royalty.

His, had conquered states and kingdoms
Sailed many mighty Oceans and
Battled legions of god-like men.

His, had rammed through diamond gates
Triply barred
And onward, with a victorious march,
Had possessed her mind, heart and soul.

By Nana Amenla Entee

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