Spice FM Daily Poem: Lethal

Spice FM Daily Poem: Lethal

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So, I had an intercourse with Death.
He asked me why daily I breathed
When peace and calm awaited beneath the earth.
He said, Life, your vain lover loves you not.
Your relationship with him is like casting lots.
Your joyful moments with him are fugacious,
So that you often imagine them fictitious.
I am a harbinger of no good will,
Death asserted with a humorous grin.


You remain insouciant to all that I bring forth.
This intercourse is not our first but fourth.
Surmised Death with wide open arms

Come to me, and your woebegone
Come to me, oh lissome damsel.
Incipient, you have endowed Life with love.
Inğenue, miseries are what Life sempiternally wove.
But I have loved you genuinely from birth
While you lay in your mother’s womb, an embryo,
In my arms, I longed to embrace you forever and a day.


Said Death with unbecoming glee,
Bid Life farewell, together let us flee

To an unforgotten land of peace galore
And let us be wed before eternal sleep.
For, daily, I have watched you gambol
In the spirit of the vivacious and freed
But recoursing into your lone chambers,
Have conflicted with Life, your dreary lover
And searched for my face in your lonesome hours.


Said I in replying Death,
Life and I are avowed lovers


Undulating like the waves of the sea
Without letup, trials and persecutions enter our abode.
Without letup, pain and suffering are thrust in our path.
But we brought to birth endurance and determination
And had patience and love visit our hearts.
So joy came to unravel the denouement of our love.
But joy, like pain, is ephemeral.


I am a harbinger of no goodwill, said He
Frolic about with your dearest life
And perhaps tomorrow I shall fife
As I lead you to my humble abode.
Life and I shall be one each day, said I
Wherewithal we meet in the near forgotten,
Our love for the Almighty will be our panacea.


By Amenla Nana Entee

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