Spice Community Gala – New Amanful and Lagos Town progresses from Zone Three

New Amanful and Lagos Town progressed from Zone Three of the Spice Community Gala Qualifiers which was held at the Apremdo community park on Friday, May 25th, 2018.

The Zone which had the likes of Kwesimintsim Zongo, Amanful, New Amanful and Lagos Town was dubbed the ‘ Zone of death ‘ but Lagos Town and New Amanful had the last smile.

Kwesimintsim Zongo started their campaign with a clash against Apowa where both teams failed to score in regulation time. Kwesimintsim Zongo progressed to the next stage after winning 6-5 on penalties.

The game everyone was waiting to watch was the clash of the ‘ Amanful’s ‘ as New Amanful were drawn against Amanful, New Amanful won the tie by a surprising 3-0 over Amanful.

Lagos Town booked their qualification after beating Kwesimintsim Zongo on penalties by 6-5 Beach Road had a hurdle which was difficult to cross, they were to beat free-scoring New Amanful to book a qualification but all their efforts proved futile as they lost by a goal to nil.

Qualified teams for Spice Community Gala.

Effiakuma – Defending Champions

Kwesimintsim – Host Community





New Amanful

Lagos Town


Story by: Francis Hema