“Some Christians Are Corrupt” – Bishop Botwe

The General Overseer of Christian Faith Church International in Takoradi, Bishop Emmanuel Botwe has maintained that some Christians cannot exonerate themselves from the menace of corruption which had put the nation on the brink of hopelessness.

“We as Christians cannot exonerate ourselves from the menace of corruption and other economic, social and even spiritual malpractices in the country”, he stressed.

He noted that contrary to the fact that Christians are to be the salt and the light of the world, many of them were drifting from the standards of righteousness.

“One of the characteristics of Christians as salt is to fight corruption; Can we honestly say that as Christians and especially spiritual leaders, we are genuinely and honestly fighting corruption even within the house of God where judgment will begin”? he quizzed.

He continued “Are we as the light of the world shining and giving the needed direction to our communities and our nation. I pray that the upsurge of churches would have positive impact on our nation”.

He bemoaned the fact that the church is producing more worldly and carnal Christian Ministers, politicians, civil servants, professionals and business people whose deeds had become more opposite than what they professed.

“I am tempted by what I see around us to admit that, these negative and worrying characteristics are more pronounced in the church contrary to the fact that we are to be the salt of the world”, he added.

Speaking with the host of Adzekye Mu Nsem, Bro Nat on Spice 91.9 FM, Bishop Botwe reminded pastors that God was going to put their lives and their respective ministries on the scale adding “our charisma and character will be put on the scale for the right balance and it’s my prayer that we will not be found wanting”.

He noted that most pastors had become too earthly minded instead of striking a good balance by being conscious of heaven and attracting people into God’s kingdom.

“The lifestyles of many pastors are clear indication that the messages of convenience are being emphasized more than the messages of the cross”, he pointed out.

The General Overseer indicated that there was worrying concerns among the populace about the decadence in the character of Ministers of the gospel as expected by the society.

He mentioned that the content of the preaching by many so-called men of God leaved much to be desired and added that the craving for material things by some pastors, indicated that there was misplacement of priorities.

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