Residents of Takoradi Cautions Nana Addo to Sit Up

Residents of Takoradi, Western Region’s Oil City has rated Nana Addo’s governance performance as average in his two years of managing the affairs of the country.

Monday, January 7, 2019 marks exactly two years when Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo was sworn in to office as the president of the Republic of Ghana.

Several reports from reputable institutions including the IMF has stated that the Government is on track but many Ghanaians have mixed feelings to this reportage saying that; what has been stated on paper do not reflect in this businesses as well as their pockets. 

On the streets of Takoradi, most of the residents who spoke to expressed their dissatisfaction in the governance of Nana Addo laying emphasis to the promises and the message carried in the manifesto of the ruling party.

“We voted massively for Nana Addo because we believed in him and considering the promises that we were assured. Its been two years now and we don’t really see what is going on, our President must sit up in all the sectors of the economy.” a resident told

However they are hopeful just as the sitting President has delivered on the Free SHS promise, he is going to do same in health and economic sectors also.

Ama Boadiwaa Morcher | | Ghana

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