Residents of Effia Blame Their Assemblyman for Poor Drainage System

Some residents of Effia in the Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipality have blamed their Assemblyman for the poor drainage system resulted in an increase in plastic waste at the area.

Residents who spoke to Spice FM’s reporter Nana Ama Boadiwa at the place today expressed their disappointment to the ineffective output of the assemblyman Hon. Isaac Kofi Nyarko for their crisis.

He also denied the GH5000.000 allegation spelt on the Assemblyman to organize monthly communal labor in the various communities within Effia Electoral Area and further assured the various Communities of massive changes and transformation soon.

“Our assemblyman is our major headache for the poor living condition on sanitation because he refuses to organize communal labor monthly which is the main tool to curb dirt in our community currently” they disclosed.

“He takes laborers outside the community to do clean up exercises and they leave the refuse behind the edges of the gutter and that germinate the weeds in the drain and causes lots of sickness and brings mosquitoes into the community” some residents lamented.

Some residents further disclosed that, stores lined up along the roadsides together with the market women throw refuse in the gutter; saying the money which they pay for the refuse is very expensive so rather throw the refuse inside the gutter than to pay GH5 and more before they can dump their refuse.

Speaking to Mr Alhaji Issah who is the Public Relations Officer of EKMA this morning on Adzekye Mu Ns3m (Adzekye Mu Ns3m is a Socio Political Morning show which airs between the hours of 5:40am to 10:00am each weekday on Spice 91.9 FM with Bro Nat as the host) he stated that some challenges the municipality is facing which has to do with vehicle and other stuffs to enable them work on the drainage problem.

The residents further urge the authorities to refurbish the community’s private toilet because it is in a bad state and can cause an accident when there is a heavy rainfall or a thunder storm.