Prioritizing Referendum Over District Level Elections Cause of Low Turnout – Aspiring MP

Aspiring Member of Parliament for Essikado – Ketan Constituency on the tickets of the NDC, Hon Grace Ayensu Danquah has opined that education on the District Level Elections didn’t go down well for various voters and that has accounted for the low turn outs at various polling stations.

Reports from the various polling stations by Spice FM reporters on Adzekye Mu Ns3m showed low turnout at the various polling stations

Speaking to Osikani Frimpong Manso on Adzekye Mu Ns3m this morning, Hon Grace Ayensu Danquah said the cancelled referendum was prioritized over the district assembly elections which has affected voting turnouts.

“If you look at the thing well, we used all our time and energy to discuss the referendum instead of the district level elections and the referendum was cancelled and we have forgotten that there is an election all of a sudden” she said.

“So now the voting isn’t encouraging looking at the figures coming across as at now, it means the education should have been more”.

Hon Grace Ayensu Danquah urged various voters to vote to select a good leader because one of Ghana’s problems is leadership and the voters have the power to decide who must lead them.

“We need leaders in Ghana; I think one of our problems in this country is leadership crises. Look at the ongoing elections now, it means only 10%, 11% or 12% voters will show who has to lead the various districts which means that only few people represent us” she added.

Ghanaians are expected to elect their Assembly Members and Unit Committee members across the country today, December 17, 2019.

The exercise begun on 7am and is expected to end at 5pm.

This will happen simultaneously across the country with 57,030 candidates contesting this year’s elections.

The Electoral Commission says it has already deployed some 58,000 biometric verification devices, 159,000 trained electoral officers as well as the voter registers for all polling stations across the country for the elections.