Photos: 2 Cars Involved In an Accident on the Nkroful-Anaji Road

Two cars; a concrete mixer car and a taxi were involved in an accident on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 on the Ntakorful-Anaji road.

Confirming the accident to, an eyewitness said the two cars crashed at a curve at Later Rain Church after both tried to curve to a different direction on the stretch.

“Just in front of Later Rain Church, there is a curve there and we saw a Concrete Mixer Car and a Taxi coming from Ntankorful; both wanted to use the curve at the Later Rain Church and we just saw they crashed, all the people in the car collapsed, one even got locked in the car, the driver and other two passengers were removed from the car and were rushed to the hospital” the eye witness told will keep you posted

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