NSMQ19: St. John’s edge past Archbishop Porter Girls to reach quarter finals

Saint John’s Secondary School showed superiority over Archbishop Porter Girls in the 1/8th contest of the 2019 National Science and Maths Quiz.

The Viam Panrantes boys started on a brighter from the first round where they had 18 points with Tamale Islamic Science coming second with 14 points and Archbishop Porter Girls having only 8 points to finish at the bottom.

End of round 1:

St. John’s School: 18pts

Tamale Islamic Science: 14pts

Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS: 8pts

End of round 2:

St. John’s School: 22pts

Tamale Islamic Science: 16pts

Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS: 8pts

End of round 4:

St. John’s School: 35pts

Tamale Islamic Science: 27pts

Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS: 22pts

Porters Girls, despite coming in as favorites, were hardly competitive in the entire contest and finished in the last position.

End of contest:

St. John’s School: 38pts

Tamale Islamic Science: 34pts

Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS: 22pts

This qualification means that Saint John’s School will be seeded for year’s edition.

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