New Takoradi Road Rehabilitation: Sections of fuel pipelines to be buried

New Takoradi Road Rehabilitation: Sections of fuel pipelines to be buried

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Resident Engineer for the supervising consultancy firm for the rehabilitation of the New Takoradi road HAG Consult Engineer Kwame Adjei has revealed some of the pipes running along the road will have to be necessarily buried.

He said this way the contractor will be able to construct the road according to it designed drive way from the beginning to the end.

The New Takoradi road is being rehabilitated with a drive way of 8.7 meters and will be a single lane.

From the Paa Grant Roundabout to the New Takoradi rail level crossing is 600 meters. And from the rail level crossing to Gate 10 is 1.8 kilometers.

The contractor has the full complements of the road from the Paa Grant Roundabout to the New Takoradi Roundabout.

However, there are several pipe running along the road from the New Takoradi Roundabout to Gate 10 which affects its 8.7 meters drive way design.

“Towards the bridge at the port we have a restriction there. The pipelines are so close to our working area. So what is needed to be done is that the pipes be buried or pushed away a bit to avoid vehicles crushing into it because our 8.7 meters is just close to the pipes”.

Already residents of New Takoradi are agitating for the pipelines to be buried.

Mr. Adjei in an interview with Spice News said there is an ongoing discussion with owners of the pipes to have them buried.

“The pipe owners came to see us because they also have pressure from the community for the pipes to be buried because of what happened during the gas explosion along the Sekondi – Takoradi road last year. So they came for our working space so that they also take a decision.

He continued that “now that we have decided where the alignment of the road is I hope they will also take up the rest and make sure their pipes are buried not only for the safety of the road users but also for the community”.