Kofi Kinaata responds to his critiques – We all work to gain profit

Kofi Kinaata responds to his critiques – We all work to gain profit

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Martin King Ata, popularly known in showbiz as Kofi Kinaata is a thriving Ghanaian musician who began his music career by indulging himself in rapping as opposed to singing. As such, he earned the name Fante Rap God, the tittle of one of his songs.

It seems however that Kofi Kinaata has recently resorted to more singing as compared to rapping. His fans have therefore taken to calling him Fante Rap Singer.

Some of Kinaata’s songs which follow the trend of more singing and less rapping include “Crusade”, “Confessions”, “Time no dey”, and “Susuka”. Just recently, he released “Last Show”, another song which follows the same trend.

In an interview on Beach 105.5’s E-Buzz show, to premier the release of his new song “Last Show”, Kinaata acknowledged the fact that his fans refer to him as Fante Rap Singer and explained that his style of singing more in his songs and rapping less was more beneficial to him than before when it was the contrary.

According to him, his new style has earned him a larger audience

“We all work to gain profit, so you can’t work and run at a loss. When I started rapping, I used the Takoradi Fante and terms more, as such only the Takoradi people could fully understand my raps.

And I have been signed by someone, so I have to sing songs that cuts across, and secures a larger audience and that we will all profit. I have not stopped rapping though, but when the time changes, you have to change as well”, Kinaata said.

By Amenla Entee