I’m behind Sarkodie’s success – BB

Bright Boateng well known as BB Da Boy Wonda who is a close ally of Castro has revealed that he made Sarkodie’s collaboration with Castro on the Adonai tune happen after Castro was having issues with Sarkodie.

According to BB Da Boy Wonda, Ghana’s most viewed song on YouTube, Adonai is a success because of him. Sarkodie considers Adonai as his biggest song ever.

BB Da Boy Wonda disclosed On Ofie ne fie with Yoofi Eyeson that prior to the recording of Adonai, Castro and Sarkodie were not in good terms, to the extent that Sarkodie’s phone calls were been turned down by Castro.

was having issues with Sarkodie and was turning down his calls but he spoke to him to be on Adonai.

“I have never had issues with Castro before not even exchange of words, I even begged him to collaborate with certain artistes when he was not picking their calls. Sarkodie is number one, Tiffany is number two, I was the one who begged Castro to record Adonai with Sarkodie because they had issues before recording the song” BB Da Boy Wonda said on Ofie ne Fie with Yoofi Eyeson.

By Francis Hema.