I Want to Run Hearts of Oak like FC Barcelona – Hearts of Oak MD

Managing Director of Accra Hearts of Oak Frederick Moore has said that he wants to run the Accra based Premier Club like Spanish Giants FC Barcelona.

Defending the club’s recruitment policy, Frederick Moore said he wants the club to get a strong youth system just as FC Barcelona were having sometime ago.  

“As a CEO, my job is to do what other people have done, which has helped them and bring it to Accra Hearts of Oak, so I look at other clubs, that is why I mentioned Barcelona and Juventus initially, there are lot of clubs that have been successful which they used certain strategies.

“Look at Barcelona, when they started winning, most of the players were from the youth team; Ineasta and co were all from the youth team. Accra Hearts of Oak is a Premier League Club, we will always remain so, and we are the best club in Ghana.

“I want the team to always be in the footing to always compete for trophies every year, I want the club to emulate what FC Barcelona has been able to achieve” he said in an interview. 

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