Govt. cut sod for the construction of the New Takoradi road

The road has generated a lot of controversies in recent times, as residents of New Takoradi have demonstrated on several occasions to register their displeasure at authorities for their inability to construct the road.

The road, which is to be constructed within a year by JUSTMOH Constructions, will cost government and its partners 6.3 million dollars and construction is said commenced on the 19th day of December 2017.

The first phase of the whole project is said to start from the Paa Grant roundabout through to the New Takoradi roundabout to Port gate 10. That section we understand is designed with different pavement structures.

And the second phase which also start from the New Takoradi roundabout through to the marshy area to the Takoradi Container Terminal (TACOTEL), will link the TACOTEL/Sekondi road to afford residents of New Takoradi another access road to Sekondi without using the Paa Grant roundabout.

Meanwhile, information picked up by Spice 91.9 FM indicates that Ibistek Co. Ltd, the owners of the Takoradi Container Terminal is the major financier of the road.

Ibistek is in the process of constructing the biggest container terminal in the whole of West Africa, at the Takoradi Port. Our source added that it is their way of giving back to the community that they are yet to serve.