GFA Congress: Clubs vote to adopt new GFA Statutes Proposed by the Normalization Committee

Clubs have accepted the proposed the statues by the Normalization Committee of the Ghana Football Association at the extraordinary congress held on Thursday.  

Amendments were made to Articles 26 and 37 which deal with the composition of the Congress and the term limits of the Executive Council members respectively.

The adopted statues did not come with any refusal from Congress.

According to details of the new statues

The new statutes will have 120 delegates with 12 executive council members.

The new Executive council will be composed of five representatives from the Premier league, three from the division one, with the Regional Association with two members.

The others will go to the President and a Women’s representative

The Congress will now be composed of 32 delegates from the premier league clubs, 48 from division one, 20 from the RFA’s, and the constituent bodies taking the rest.

After the adoption of the new statues the focus of the Normalisation Committee will be on the roadmap for elections to be carried out.

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