Francis Hema writes: Queens Coach, Mercy Tagoe needs to be ‘normalized’

Black Queens Coach Mercy Tagoe Quaicoe will be defending the West Africa Football Union Women’s Cup starting May 8, at the same host venue, Ivory Coast.

The job is rather tougher this time, with Nigeria and Cameroon coming up with a full house ahead of the FIFA World Cup in France, starting June 2019.

More so, with the absence of certain key players from the previous squad; Faustina Ampah, Priscilla Okyere, Linda Eshun all missing out from this squad.

But what has really got many talking is the absence of Perpertual Agyekum, the winner of the 2019 NC Special Women’s Cup top scorer from the initial 30 women provisional list.

With the Ghanaian game at its normalization stage, over 70 referees have been spurned from football, executives and other departments have had to be scratched and rebuilt from ground up.

Perpetual Agyekum’s omission from the initial 30 women provisional list of players trying out to become one of the 21 final players to the tournament.

It took most ardent followers of women football in the country a surprise after the top scorer at the just ended Normalization Committee Special Tournament, Perpetual Agyekum of Hasaacas Ladies wasn’t in Mercy Tagoe’s 30 women squad for the upcoming WAFU tournament.

Mercy Tagoe had to explain why Perpetual Agyekum couldn’t make the provisional squad which she had already said she was only going to invite locally based players. “To talk of foreign-based players, everybody is a good player and some of the locally based players are equally good as the foreign-based players”, she said.

“If you have players for all the positions, why then do you go out of the way to invite foreign-based players meanwhile they are busy playing their leagues.”

These were her exact words on the foreign players, so it was a call up for only local players; the only tournament these locally based players have played in recently was the Normalization Committee Special Tournament and the top scorer couldn’t make the provisional squad.

Defending the reason why she dropped Perpetual, this was what mercy Tagoe said ‘”Perpetual scored nine goals, Six was through a penalty and three were through free kicks, yes, they are all goals, but if she is on the bench and we have a free kick, will she come from the bench to score and go back?,” she told the press.

”Football is about totality, not about specializing  in one area and looking at the age, she is grown, but it would be appropriate to add the top scorer but what is she coming to add to team?

”It’s not about favoritism or nepotism because it is not me, but rather Ghana.”

Perpetual is just 25 years and she is old? There is nowhere in football that a 25 year old footballer will be termed as old.

By Francis Hema, Spice Sports.

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