France beat Croatia 4-2 to win their second FIFA World Cup

Goals from Antoinne Griezmann, Paul Pogba and Kylian were enough to hand France their second FIFA World Cup trophy after their first triumph came 20 years ago at their own backyard.

France took the lead after 18 minutes when Antoine Griezmann’s free-kick deflected in off Mario Mandzukic’s head – but Croatia were by far the better side in the first half and deservedly equalised courtesy of Ivan Perisic’s left-foot finish.

Croatia were left nursing a burning sense of injustice when France restored their lead seven minutes before half-time through Griezmann’s penalty, awarded by referee Nestor Pitana for handball against Perisic after a lengthy delay while VAR was consulted.

Kylian Mbape scored to make it 4-1 after Pogba had earlier on scored their third with a beauty. Mbape became the first teenager to score in a World Cup final since Pele. Hernandez went pass Mandzukic, played a pass inside and Vida’s defending was useless. He swung a leg at it; Mbappe buried the shot in the bottom corner from 25 yards.

Hugo Lloris had a pass which he could just have knocked the ball away the ball away but tried to nutmeg Mandzukic inside his own six yard box. Mandzukic just sticked a leg out to make it 4-2. Croatia pilled loads of preassure on the French defence but couldnt get another goals as France defended with their lives.

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