ElevenWise@100: Hundreds turned up for Eleven Wise Photo Exhibition

There was a massive turn up for the photo exhibition of the Eleven Wise Football Club in Sekondi on Friday, April 5th 2019 as part of their centenary anniversary.

It was a great historic moment when photos from the library of Ghana’s second oldest existing football club, Sekondi Eleven Wise were displayed in a grand style in an exhibition at the Sekondi Youth Center depicting the generational transition the famous football club has gone through since 1919.

Among the exhibited pictures was the 1961 league triumph, the squad that travelled to Brazil under the late Coach John Eshun in 1984 as well as copies of the “Show Boys News”,  which was the official newspaper for Eleven Wise Football Club among other interesting pictures.

Patrons of the photo exhibition were so excited to know the true story behind the Sekondi Eleven Wise Football Club.

“We have really learnt a lot from Today’s photo exhibition organized by the management of Eleven Wise; for us the younger generation we didn’t know much about the our club but today’s program has been very educative I must say”, some patrons lamented to spicefmonline.com.

Activities lined up for the anniversary includes a friendly but crucial football match between Sekondi Eleven Wise and their city rival Sekondi Hasaacas on April 13th, 2019 at Gyando Park in Sekondi.

Francis Hema | Spicefmonline.com | Ghana

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