Drivers descend on STMA for lack of maintenance on the fijai road median

Drivers plying on the Fijai road on the Fijai in the Sekondi – Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly Have expressed grave concerns about the growing weeds on the weeds on the median in the middle of the road.

Visiting the road this road this morning, the scene looked so dangerous that it can cause accidents in a blink of an eye.

Speaking to Nana Ama Boadiwa this morning in a report on Adzekye Mu Ns3m (Adzekye Mu Ns3m is a Socio Political Morning show which airs between the hours of 5:40am to 10:00am each weekday on Spice 91.9 FM with Bro Nat as the host), the drivers showed concerns and worry of how a pregnant woman delivered in the middle of the road due to the poor nature and the weeds on the median.

“We see animals on the road irrespective of the time we ply the road due to the weeds” the drivers said.

The drivers also disclosed that, they sometimes get twisted and confused during driving and sometimes knock down people because the road is also a junction for the Fijai Secondary School students and a branch road to the Efie Nkwanta Regional Hospital therefore it’s dangerous for them and the students as well using the road.

“We have made several complaints to the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly (STMA) and they promise us that after they have finished with the construction of the roads by Asabea constructions, all the weeds will be cleared off but the issue is still the same after their promise when they visited us”

“We are tired of complaining on the weeds issue as well as the deplorable road but we are waiting to see a change in 2020 since we have the fire service office and the cultural centers on the same area that is why we are waiting for a change after a long while” drivers added.

The drivers therefore urged authorities to come to their aid as soon as possible to save the situation.