Drivers and other road users cry over bad roads in south Dayi District

Drivers and commuters using the South Dayi District road from Adzorkoe through to Kpeve the district capital has raised a laud voice over the deplorable roads in the district noted with it dusty nature and portholes.

Residents told Spice News the Eastern corridor road linking through the Volta Region specifically South Dayi District has been abandoned for years and now best described as a death trap full of potholes.

They say the dust on the road making it usage very difficult for motorist and other road users posing a lot of risk to their health.

Today, a long vehicles plying the road with goods have to use many hours on the road before getting to their destination and sometimes even breaks down blocking other road users from using the road.

Traders in the district are therefore calling on the government to take steps to ensure that the road from Adzorkoe to Kpeve is constructed for them since the deplorable nature of the road is seriously affect their business and health.