Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum Hits Back at the GFA and Ghanaian Referees.

Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum Hits Back at the GFA and Ghanaian Referees.

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Owner and Bank roller of Ghana Premier League debutants, Elmina Sharks, Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum has hit back at the Ghana Football Association and clubs influencing outcomes of games.

Elmina Sharks lost to Aduana Stars in week 29 of the Ghana Premier League by 2-1 at the Dormaa Park, Sam Adam’s 78th minute penalty won the league tittle for Aduana Stars.

According to  Flag bearer for Progressive People’s Party, games are being influenced by referees and clubs go at all cost to influence games.

Full Write Up by Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom below.


When is football not football?  When administrators strategize to cheat.  When referees take bribes to decide the outcome of matches, when losers on the field of play rely on “ways and means” off the field to win points, when fans believe they must make opposing side afraid to play, when players are given money to play against their own teams, etc. etc.  This is the football I have come to experience in this first year of our team, the Fearsome Elmina Sharks being in the Premiere League”

“We had negative experiences in Division Two.  The Division One experience was sometime frightening with some of our players and officers sometimes ending up in the hospital due to attacks by opposing fans and officials.  But we thought the Premiere League would be more disciplined, orderly and with all the media exposure, more focused on the action on the field”


The GFA must change its habits and attitudes.  It must promote exciting soccer where winning will depend on the players and how well they play.  There are reasons why the Ghana Football League lacks sponsors.  For me it is unexciting performance due to cheating referees, administrators and undisciplined fans”

“Our team is here to stay.  So I will not remain as silent as I have been about these problems.  I enjoy soccer.  And I can’t sit by and watch the stealers keep stealing”

“By the way, Aduana Stars are on top of the league and soon to be declared champions officially”


Our team lost to them twice this season.  Twice, it was the referee who decided the outcome.  I know when we lose to a better side”

“No wonder not many people go to the football venues to watch our local matches but parade around wearing Man U, Man City, Chelsea, Barcelona and other jerseys here in Ghana”

“Change must come!

Owner Of Elmina Sharks

Papa Kwesi Ndoum” Dr. Ndoum wrote on his official Facebook page.

Elmina Sharks are languishing 9th on the league with a game to spare and need a win to avoid relegation.