#EPLonSpiceFM: Chelsea not ready for the season – Maurizio Sarri

Chelsea’s new boss Maurizio Sarri has said that they are not yet ready for the season as his players are now adapting to his philosophy and think it will take a bit of time to get them on track.

According to the Italian international, he came in late and for that matter it affected their preseason but he hopes they get things back on track quickly.

‘We are looking forward to the season starting now, with a difficult game against Huddersfield,’ Sarri said..

‘For sure, in this moment, we are not at the top of our potential. We had an unusual pre-season, because I came in a little later in the pre-season. So we are not there yet but I hope we will be at the top of our potential in one month or so, but I don’t know.

‘I hope the second part of the season for us will be very good with a lot of points. I expect in the first part of the season, we may have to take a bit of time getting up to our full potential.

‘In Naples we played at a great speed, moving the ball forward and back with continuity and at such speed with the strikers.

‘It was fun for the supporters to watch and our results were good. We made the record for the most points in the club’s history in the last season. In 23 of the past 25 years, 91 points would have been enough to win Serie A, so I think we were a bit unlucky.

‘Whether we can play this system in the Premier League depends on the teams in the league, my players and I think I need to adapt my characteristics to fit too. We have to play to another speed, I think.’