CEO Of Focus One Media Kwame Adu-Mante Celebrates 40th Birthday Anniversary

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Focus 1 Group has celebrated turning 40 with a private dinner that brought together friends and family over the weekend.

For many who participated in the event, it was time for deeper reflection and appreciation of how far a man can go with determination, passion, plan and focus.

The above qualities and many more are the personal attributes that propelled the young passionate radio marketer, Kwame Adu-Mante to rise through the ranks towards becoming a multimillion business man who owns multiple companies including Focus One Media, Focus One Distribution and Focus one Construction.

The event which took place at the Plush Best Western Atlantic Hotel on Sunday 1st September was a surprise birthday party organized by some friends and family. It saw participants elegantly dressed in formal black tie apparel with a touch of gold.

Some family members, business associates, industry players, customers and friends of Kwame Adu-Mante shared touching memories, experiences and impact the business guru has had on their lives.

Speaking at the event, Kwame who was visibly surprised and excited said he had an elaborate plan of how to celebrate his 40th birthday until recent happenings made him put it on hold.

“The original plan for my birthday Celebration was to have a big party to wine and dine with the ordinary people at Market Circle, but somehow that plan changed as we were hit by a storm. Uniklife Microfinance’s license was revoked by bank of Ghana and the National Media Commission also closed down Beach FM which was legitimate. But the good news is with all these challenges I am amazed how things worked out to make this day a memorable one, I always say a man will fall but must fall forward.”

He also added that the license for Beach FM has been secured and the issues relating to Uniklife Microfinance is currently been worked on.

Kwame Adu-Mante used the occasion to thank close relatives, business associates, industry players, customers, friends and well meaning Ghanaians who have been supportive in his life journey so far. He assured of great things to come.

Kwame is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of FOCUS 1 Company Ltd. He is a passionate leader with first class communication skills and a long track record of successful management. Kwame has extensive knowledge of current economic, social and business issues. Kwame is a trained building Technologist, with HND BuildTech from Takoradi Polytechnic and a Professional Diploma in Management. He has 17yrs of work experience in various fields.

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