Do Not Neglect Genuine Concerns of Demonstrators – CDD to Bawumia

The Ghana Center for Democratic Development have expressed reservations about the Vice President’s tweet responding to the Kum Yen Preko demonstration.

The demonstration saw several hundreds of Ghanaians including leading members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) swarming the streets to register their displeasure with what they termed the worsening economic conditions, insecurities and attack on the media.

Government, through various communicators, has hinted of moves to deal with the several concerns raised by the demonstrators despite many describing the move(demonstration) as a staged one to cause disaffection for government.

But a tweet by the Vice President on Wednesday, purportedly targeted at the demonstrators, appears to have triggered the attention of some civil society groups.

In the tweet titled #DroptheHypocrisy, Dr. Bawumia did a comparative analysis of the Akufo-Addo administration and the erstwhile Mahama administration, highlighting some key successes such as Teachers and Nursing Trainee Allowances, Free Senior High School, Load shedding (dumsor), among others chalked by the Akufo-Addo-led administration in the last two years.

But the Center for Democratic Development is not enthused about the tweet by the Vice President.

Speaking on the issue, Director of advocacy and Policy engagement of the CDD, Dr. Kojo Pumpuni Asante, said government should have adopted a more reassuring approach to addressing the concerns of the demonstrators.

According to him, it is not enough for both leading political parties in the country to keep playing political football with pertinent issues troubling the everyday lives of Ghanaians.

“Coming into the third year of the government, there are still pressing issues and therefore there’s the need to have a certain balance when you are addressing these kinds of issues so that you do not neglect genuine concerns and say oh, I have delivered and therefore everything that people are saying is a politics. I think we can’t take politics out of that but does he address all concerns or issues that has been raised? You can do the back and forth between parties, it does not make our lives better. If you cannot interrogate how well we are doing to us make sure that the economy is doing well, people are able to get jobs. In his tweet, instead of just listing that, I would love to have seen the assurances that yes, these concerns are there, that kind of statement gives you a much balanced response because it is Ghanaians that you are speaking to regardless of whether they are wearing NDC T-shirts or whatever they are still citizens of Ghana so you still have to reassure them,” he stated in an interview on Accra based radio station. | Ghana

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