Dogbe Battered, Brand Endangered with his clueless Management – Oti

Clearly, this ‘Neho Neho’ chant was an empty bravado. Apart from swag, Dogbe cannot (not could not) match the Mexican murderer with anything boxing. Emanuel Navarette just abused Dogboe, beating him in conditioning, style, technique, endurance and class.

I don’t blame him much. It is poor management, anchored by an incompetent and a clueless corner, allowing this youngman to walk into fights just to be battered, bruised and humiliated at the middle ladder of establishing himself as a champ. It hurts me so much.

Why the rush? After Azumah, had fought Calvin Groove in 93, he carefully picked and chose every subsequent bout, no matter the person, the platform or the purse! Even against the another Mexican Mario Martinez, the ‘Zoomzoom’ himself, at the blazing time of his career, had to skip invitation twice (for bout management reasons) before finally, stepping forward to beat the Mexican in that close call in 1988.

Every ‘sensible’ boxer manager or a manager of a sportsman, should be competent enough to protect the brand of his client, make him competitive and keep him in the game, especially in bouts or movements you have control over. Dogbe walked into this match as if it was some mandatory title defence. Hurrying up and talking all over. As a champ, or a prospective champ you must weigh many options before stepping into a ring.

Christaino Ronaldo moved to Madrid and left at a well calculated period of his career, vis-a-vis what the Madrid project then could bring to his career dreams and his brand development. Enjoy the glory on the big platform, calculate and predict the danger, then skip the embarrassment! Dodging danger is not a humiliation to a sportsman. Team NEHO failed to read and anticipate this danger and has paid dearly for it.

 You don’t get completely beaten like what happened in the first bout and enter the second one shouting from the rooftop “NEHO, NEHO, ROUND 7 TKO”. Some madness or what?

Oti-Asirifi Mensah Joseph (Head of Sports – Skyy Power 93.5 FM)

I just watched the fight again and I feel bad for the boy.  Dobge would have to stay off a bit, begin afresh with some one or two ‘second-hand’ boxers before he would be getting bigger fights. That would also devalue his purse right? I wonder if his Atsiave Manager would think same, that is the problem. I feel bad about his future, more than what has happened to his career because this manager cum trainer cum spiritual father would hardly be in the same wavelength with me.

Anyway still NEHO

Oti-Asirifi Mensah ( Head of Sports Skyy Power FM) writes.


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