Ghanaians Inability To Be Citizens is Due To the Failure of NCCE In Their Core Mandate – Rt Rev Amponsah Donkor

Rt. Rev Thomas Amponsah Donkor – Tarkwa Diocesan Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana

The Tarkwa Diocesan Bishop of the Methodist Church – Ghana, Right Reverend Thomas Amponsah Donkor is calling on the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and Commission for Human Right and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to provide the citizenry with maximum education on policies and things of national interest like the Ghana card registration which is currently on going in some part of the country.

According to the Rt. Rev Thomas Amponsah Donkor Ghanaians are not on top of issues and are falling short of their civic duties as a citizens due to the poor performance of NCCE and CHRAJ on their core mandate as an institution.

Rt. Rev. Thomas Amponsah Donkor however called on Ghanaians to rise up and seek for develop in the communities and demand accountability from people in authority but shy away from party politics since that has not benefited the country much but persons who front for such parties.

He also mentioned that Ghana will continue to have spoiled ballot during elections at all levels and people will loos their jobs without any tangible reason and be maltreated in their own country Ghana due to the abysmal performance of NCCE and CHRAJ.

Ama Boadiwa Morcher || Ghana