Concerned Citizens of Tarkwa Nsueam To Hit The Street Again

Concerned Citizens of Tarkwa Nsueam in the Western Region are threaten another massive demonstration on May 20th 2019 following the failure of government to honor his promise in fixing Tarkwa roads after a spontaneous demonstration in Tarkwa some weeks again.

In the latest developments, leaders of the concern residents of Tarkwa are demanding immediate fixing of the road from Ahwiteso to Tamso junction which is about 3 kilometers.

Secretary of the Concerned Citizens of Tarkwa, Mr. Samuel Kwasi Asare told that the Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo led government and his minister of roads as well as the Municipal Chief Executive of Tarkwa, Gilbert Asmah have failed to attend to the plight of Tarkwa and it environs “therefore we are also going to embark on series of demonstration until its yields a good result since that is the language they understand,” he said.

 “We mobilized only four (4) communities last demo but this time were mobilizing over ten communities to hit the street on the 20th of this month”. He added.

Speaking at a press conference in Tarkwa on Monday May 6th 2019, Mr. Asare stated that over 700 articulators in totally belonging to Ghana Manganese Company and Bauxite Company ply the road a day making the dust massive. Which Ghana manganese has 450 trucks and the Bauxite companies has 310 trucks who patrols the roads daily and other majority of haulage trucks of cocoa beans, timber, Nsuta Manganese transport their products to Takoradi Harbour for exportation and other commercial vehicles that ply on the Tarkwa-Nsuaem road.

According to Samuel Kwasi Asare, research conducted by Ghana Manganese Company indicates that about 58,022 residents of Tarkwa have been diagnosed with Respiratory Tract Infection Diseases only last year as a result of dust pollution in the municipality whiles countless number of shops and businesses have been closed down.

“We promised to embarked on series of demonstration if that is the only language our leaders can understand and we won’t stop until the 3 kilometers road stretch from Wassa Agona to Tamso junction is fixed”. He stressed.

Ama Buadiwa Morcher and Benjamin Bray | | Ghana


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