It’s been barely 2 years since NPP gained political power over the opposition NDC and almost a year after delegates voted the current NPP KWESIMINTSIM CONSTITUENCY EXECUTIVES into office.

It is therefore neccessary as party faithfuls to asses the performance of our dear party in this Constituency.

Beloved Ghanaians and true natives of Kwesimintsim , i write in pain as the asssesment of the performance of our current constituency executives projecting the future could affect the voter turnouts and possibly our results in totality.

After a year in power as constituency executives, this is what they are offering the people and the NPP ;


The entire executive body are disjointed to the extent of extending such unacceptable act to the polling station executives by picking and choosing who to work with.

The party’s secretary has been sidelined as a result of sharing his view against the consistent selfish crusade  of the Chairman and the selected few in the executive; asking the Assistant Secretary to takeover and act in the presence of the substantive secretary of the constituency.

It is no different a case to the Constituency’s first Vice Chairman who also has been sidelined for about 8 months now after sharing his view to an issue on board hence tagged a non-supporter MP.

The NASARA coordinator and his Deputy are equally facing the same punishment as we speak for no concrete reason.

In any case must the constituency executives work for the MP or the entire NPP membership of the Constituency?


The constituency has seen the WORSE appointments so far in it’s history where competent party people were ignored for people who were rejected at even Polling Station elections in their respective polling stations.

A typical example is the Constituency Research Officer who also doubles as the wife of the Constituency Organizer , Mr Akoto. It is evident that she was rewarded such sensitive position because of her husband’s selfish parochial interest, knowing well that the said position would be challenging for his wife. This also raises serious conflict of interest issues

The deputy women organizer and deputy Youth Organizer are no exceptions.

What seem to be grossly annoying is an appointed Constituency Deputy Youth Organizer born in 1971 and currently above 47 years old.

It says nothing but a dying slowly Constituency.


The divide, share and rule concept has eaten down into the minds of the Constituency executives which has subsequently had negative effect on the polling stations by splitting and inviting confusion amongst members at the grassroots levels everywhere in the Constituency.

We hereby appeal to the regional, National and the Presidency to intervene to save the situation.

If not, it wouldn’t be a news  to hand the parliamentary seat over to the NDC which definitely would  affect the performance of H. E. NANA ADDO -DANKWA AKUFO ADDO .

We as youth shall decide for ourselves if a quick action is not taken to stop these reckless acts immediately.

Hence we are given the Chairman Kingsley Samuel Kwaw a week to respond to all these and/or address these concerns.



(Polling Station Chairman & Secretary to the concern Polling Station Executives Of Kwesimintsim)


Regional Chairman

 Constituency Chairman

(Mr. Samuel Kingsley Kwaw)

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