APREMDO: Traders In Abenbebom Begs For Support From EKMA

The motive behind the decongestion exercise in Kwesimintsim on Monday January 7th 2019 is to move traders and hawkers from the streets to the abandoned sheds inside the Abenbebom new market in Apremdo.

Spice FM’s Community Reporter, Benjamin Bray after visited the Abenbebom new market reported that none of the traders ejected from the Kwesimintsim lorry station has occupy the empty sheds in the market.

Series of interventions have been rolled out to improve the set-up of the market to attract traders to move into that space yet traders have refused to use the new market.

Meanwhile, the market woman told Spicefmonline that if the EKMA refuse to improve the state of the Abenbebom new market to attract patronage, they will not pay the increments in market tolls which had been introduced by the assembly.

Benjamin Bray | Spice Community Report | Spicefmonline.com | Ghana

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