Ghana Civil Aviation set to license Zipline

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has begun assessment of Fly Zipline’s facilities as part of processes to license the drone’s operator to undertake the distribution of essential medicines and blood in the country

Per the GCAA’s 2016 directives, all drone operators are mandated to register with the Authority and observe safety and various drone-operations restricted areas in line with international aviation rules.

“Drone operations is on the increase and the ICAO has come out with manuals and guidelines to guide and control the operations of drones because, invariably, drones will share the space with manned aircraft and you want to make sure they comply with the rules of general civil aviation,” Ing. Simon Allotey, Director-General of the GCAA told reporters after a flag raising ceremony to mark this year’s International Civil Aviation Day in Accra.

“Now we have big players like Fly Zipline coming in; They are working with the GCAA, we visited their premises, and we have set-up a joint committee to take them through certification for the drones they will sue for their operations” he added.

Apart from Zipline, there are other drone operators. We are looking at adding additional directives on security and privacy. Most of the existing directives now border on safety of drone operations, but drones could be used for espionage or they could be fitted with weapons. So together with national security, we will soon provide these additional directives. | Ghana