Spicefmonline can confirm that disgruntled artisans of Tanokrom Kokompe Branch of the Garages Association of Ghana will Tomorrow Tuesday 27th November stage a massive demonstration on the street in front of the newly constructed Takoradi Shopping Mall to protest ill treatment meted to them with respect to the promised relocation to Kansaworado Mampong and compensations due them after over 400 workshops were demolished on the 7th of February 2014 without notice.

Not much has been achieved after a long battle to get the title of land bought for the affected artisans of Tanokrom Kokompe by Western Development Consortium and compensation for properties which were destroyed in the process of forcefully ejecting them from a government land on which they have worked for almost thirty years.

Artisans numbering about five hundred have been kicked out of business with their basic livelihood taking from them living the numerous people who trop the artisanal enclave in search of their daily bread stranded.

The night mare which hits Tanokrom Kokompe some five years ago has left scars in so many families within the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis and its pain still lingers on.

Today, most of these artisans do not have shops to work and their equipment sits in the corridors of the veranda. Indiscriminate auto fitting, welding and fabrication workshops are sighted around the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis and Effia-Kwesimintism Municipality since Kokompe 1 and 2 has already run out of space.

The elected interim Chairman for Tanokrom Kokompe Mr. Luke Mensah told Bro Nat on Spice Adekye Mu Nsem they have not been able to occupy the land because “Western Development Consortium and STMA through its former Metropolitan Chief Executive Officer, Captain Rtd. Anthony Cudjoe succeeded in handing over the Kansaworado Mampong land title to Kwamena Kwadze a self-acclaimed Regional Chairman of the Western Regional Branch of Garages Association of Ghana who is now reselling the land to individual’s artisans.”

A worrisome situation which is said to be the major cause hindering the occupancy of the land at Kansaworado Mampong and the revitalization of an ultra-modern artisanal enclave to complement practical study of Technical Education in Takoradi and its environs as promised by city authorities remains a mirage, yet STMA sits unconcerned after strongly spearheading their ejection.

Though Chairman Eshun told Kojo Ennimil Arthur on Spice 91.9 FM that compensations have not been paid to any of the affected artisans of Tanokrom Kokompe, the spokesperson for the Takoradi Shopping Mall Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson is heard on a tape saying that compensations have been paid two years ago to Kwamena Kwaadze.

“Chairman Eshun, you know that between you and myself and Kwamena Kwaadze all compensations have been paid, so why do you go and sit on Spice FM and say it’s not paid; please call they guy and clear yourself.”

On the part of Western Development Consortium, Peter Kow Bosu told spicefmonline they have not paid any compensation to anyone but their compensation was in the form of transporting belongs of the shop owners to their homes or the new sight at Tanokrom Kokompe.

“Though we did not pay compensations to the artisans who were seen as squatters at the time we duly compensated those who had landed properties on the land” he added.

The interim executive in a letter to the police states that “we hold Takoradi Mall Ltd, and its allies fully and jointly responsible for their predicament and by that our members will stop at nothing to piece together their shattered lives”.

Tomorrow’s demonstration among several peaceful protests outlined to send signal to authorities in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan and Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal Assemblies respectively and the government to ensure that affected artisans are duly resettled with all compensation before the year end with the same speed used in building the Takoradi Shopping Mall.

Kojo Ennimil Arthur | |Ghana