W/R: Frustrate fisherfolk cries over premix shortage in Dixcove

Fisher folks as well as boat operators at Dixcove a fishing community in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region have not received premix fuel for their operations.

The situation which they say has persisted for three months now is having a serious toll on their business.

“How can we work without premix?” How do we feed our families when we don’t go to work?” They questioned.

“We voted for the party [NPP] to take care of us, not so that we will die. We have to travel to Esiama, Funko, Axim, and its environs to purchase fuel at high cost, some of the fishermen evening have to travel to Cote De’voir to work and earn a living” they complained.

Apparently, fishing is the only source of livelihood for many people in Dixcove and it’s adjourning communities.

Lamenting his ordeal to Spice FM’s Portia Nana Yaa Cudjoe when she visited the community, the chairman of the premix fuel committee in Dixcove, Mr. Benjamin Quayson seemed helpless and would not take any blame for the situation.

According to him, series of phone calls to the national premix committee in Accra informing them of the shortage for the commodity in that last 12 weeks has yielded no result.

“Dixcove has large number of fishermen so the government should do well to bring us premix fuel constantly” he stated.

When our reporter questioned him about the alleged premix fuel diversion, Mr. Benjamin Quayson denied the allegations of diverting some of the premix fuel or hodding to sell it at a higher cost when there is a shortage.

He explained there has never been a case of premix fuel diversion in Dixcove since his appointment as the chairman of the premix committee.

Currently, most of the fishermen in the area have resort to buying petrol and engine oil at higher cost to enable them stay in business.

“The business is dying due to the shortage of premix fuel and thus adding to the plight of most people in the coastal towns of  Ghana, making it difficult for them to make a living”, they said.

Portia Nana Yaa Cudjoe|Spicefmonline.com |Ghana