PRESTEA: Operation Vanguard sets illegal miners ablaze at Egyanfra

Some galamsey operators in Prestea who rubbished the ban on small scale mining to carrying on their illegal activities have been crashed by the anti-galamsey taskforce, “Operation Vanguard” by setting fire into their machines whiles the recalcitrant miners were busily working in their pits.

Spicefmonline gathers that more the 200 galamsey operators were in the pit when the site was set ablaze by the anti-galamsey taskforce.

Reports say that, all efforts to get the taskforce to wait until the illegal miners had surfaced from their pit were not heed to by the anti-galamsey taskforce.

The incident happened at Egyanfra a suburb of Prestea in the western region last week Wednesday around 11: 30 in the morning.

Anti-galamsey Taskforce known as Operation Vanguard is a joint military police taskforce set up by the president to stop galamsey activities in the country due to the dangers it poses to environment and water bodies.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) government placed a ban on the activities of small scale mining in January, 2017 following the widespread devastation of water resources and forest reserves.

The ban was however extended in October, 2017 for another three months which ended in January 2018.

Public education and awareness creation have also been intensified, while engagement with stakeholders such as the Regional House of Chiefs, Regional Coordinating Council, Ministry of Local Government, Religious Leaders, National Security, Small Scale Miners, and the National Youth Council, among other relevant institutions have been held to seek advice on drawing sustainable roadmap for mining.

In furtherance to that about 60 ad-hoc District Committees on Illegal Mining (DCIM) were formed across the country to support the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining (IMCM), Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), Mineral Commission, Water Commission and the Forestry Commission to fight galamsey at the district level.

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