Ahanta West: Apowa community library now a haven for squatters

A community library built for the residents of Apowa in the Ahanta West Municipality of the western region has been abounded since it completion in 2008.

The library, which was constructed by the Ahanta West Municipal Assembly with funding from the assembly’s common fund some 10 years ago with the aim of encouraging young people in the area to adopt the habit of reading and also improve the poor performance of the educational system in the area and the municipality at large has now become a pain in the neck of residents in Apowa.

When Spice FM reporter, Portia Nana Yaa Cudjoe visited the facility over the weekend, a physically challenged (deaf) person is now using the facility as his residence with his wife and kids.

The building which is fast deteriorating has its windows broken with the ceiling destroyed and almost caving in. The compound was almost swallowed the weeds as the edifice now become a dumping site for people in the Apowa community.

In an exclusive interview with the Assemblyman for “Entia” Electoral Area, Nicolas Nyarko explained that the abandoned library is as a result of land dispute between the suppose landowners, the Chief of Apowa and the Catholic Missionary who gave out portion of his land for the project.

“During the days of Joseph Dofoyenah, the then district chief executive of Ahanta West Municipality, the assembly tried his best to compensate the landowner so to pave way for them to renovate the library but that never materialized,” he stated.

According to the assembly member, the library was built by the then formal District Chief Executive, Kwesi Biney for the two communities within the Municipality that is Agona Town itself and Apowa but upon completion of the project no one has been able to use the facility till date.

He revealed that the library was initially furnished with 20 chairs, 10 tables and supervisors table and chair. Louvre blades were well fixed but today they have been stolen.

Some students in the area laments that resolving the litigation and refurbishing the library for them will go a long way to help them study as climb the academic calendar.

But now, the library continues to be abandoned and sits idle. Its primary purpose of enhancing the knowledge base of beneficiaries cannot be guaranteed whiles standard of education keeps falling in the Apowa community and the Ahanta West Municipality at large.

Portia Nana Yaa Cudjoe |Spicefmonline.com | Ghana



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