Double-Track System: Best Equalizer for Social Inclusion And Poverty Elevation” – Dr. Kweku Afriyie

Dr. Kwaku Afriyie, the Western Regional Minister says the free education policy by the NPP government is the best equalizer in dealing with poverty among rural folks, improving livelihood and the general economic growth of the country.
He mentioned that every new intervention, project and programmes came with associated risks and difficulties which when properly handled enable the best to be seen and therefore called on all stakeholders: Parents, teachers and the children involve to exercise the greatest level of decorum in order to get the best out of the free senior high system and the introduction of the double track system.
“I get worried when people pick on the small elements and create confusion in the minds of the generality of the people…what we have to do is to see the tremendous lives that these programmes are changing and affecting for the overall development of the human capacity of the country and economic and social well-being of the people”.
The Minister in the Company of the Western Regional Director of Education, Mr. Akuffo-Addo, the Metro Director of Education, Mrs. Elizabeth Akouko, the Coordinating Director, Mr. John Owu and other GES staff toured some of the second cycle institions within the metropolis to assess the intake situation on the first of reopening of schools.
Dr. Afriyie mentioned that, “Man is a problem solving animal and this is another opportunity to streamline all the rough edges and make the system better for the future of the Ghanaian child”.
He mentioned that education remained the best legacy and “Nana Addo has demonstrated beyond doubt that he indeed wants a brighter future for nation Ghana.
At the Ahantaman Girls School, Mrs. Mercy Ocloo said preparing was on course to absorb all the 1247 students posted to the school.
She however noted the need for more teachers to help in education delivery.
All students in the Green would commence studies in this September through to the end of October to pave way for the Gold students to commence academic work on November 8, 2018.
Meanwhile, head teachers have the laxity to restructure programmes and its tutelage to avoid any hiccups as a result of the double track.
The situation was calm and prevailing at the Archisbishop Girls’ School when the team visited. A total of 1095 would be sorted out to begin both track on the education ladder.
Meanwhile, agitations were soaring at the Kwansaworondo Methoidist Senior High and Bompeh Senior high where parents did not fathom why wards selected for a particular track were ebing re-grouped by teachers.
But Mrs. Elizabeth Akouko, the Metropolitan Director of Education said head teachers were allowed to use their discretion to restructure the internal delivery mechanism to ensure that no students was left out of the process.
In the meantime, all ten senior high schools in the metropolitan assembly are practicing the double track system of intake. |Ghana

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