Top 10 benefits of stretching exercises

Stretching relaxes your muscles and it increases the flow of blood and nutrients to your cartilage and muscles. Stretching also improves your flexibility and helps you avoid injury, so stretch away, and enjoy these top ten benefits of stretching:

1. Stretching exercises help improve posture

First benefit of stretching exercises is better posture. Stretching loosens your muscles and it is tight muscles that can be the cause of a poor posture. Maintaining a good posture not only makes you look taller and more confident, but it also alleviates pain in your back, your neck and shoulders.

2. Stretching promotes blood circulation

Loosening your muscles with a good stretch can dramatically improve your circulation. Good circulation helps all of your organs function properly, it promotes new cell growth and it will help stabilize your blood pressure.

3. Stretching speeds up recovery after exercise

Top athletes always stretch before they perform because the stretching and the loosening of the muscles, improves performance and durability during exercise and it speeds up the recovery process afterwards.

4. Regular stretching exercises improve flexibility

Benefits of stretching are numerous and another one of them is improved flexibility. As you get older, your muscles get tighter and reduce in length, which increases the chances of injury and reduces your range of motion. Regular stretching will help to keep your muscles strong and healthy and it will help you to maintain the flexibility in your body.

5. Stretching eases stress

Stretching loosens tight muscles and helps you to relax. The act of stretching also leads to the release of endorphins in your body which promote a feeling of calmness and general well being. This is why having a good stretch before you go to bed will help you to get a good night’s sleep.

6. Stretching exercises improve energy levels

If the days dragging and you are feeling tired, then a stretch will wake you up. Muscles tighten when we get tired and that makes us feel even more lethargic, so stand up and do some stretches, and it will help you to quickly and efficiently revitalize your energy levels.

7. Stretching exercises make everyday movement easier

If, when you bend down to pick something up, you sometimes feel a sharp pain in your joints or muscles, then you need to be doing more stretching. Keeping your joints and muscles supple will make your everyday movements easier and less painful.

8. Stretching reduces back pain

One of the most common causes of back pain is the tightening of muscles in your lower back. You can ease the stress on your spine, caused by this muscle tightening, by regular back stretching exercises.

9. Stretching exercises improve athletic performance

The arithmetic on this point is very simple. If your muscles are already contracted by, say, 20%, then they will only be 80% effective during exercise. Regular stretching will relax 100% of your muscles and therefore you will have 100% of the muscle available during exercise.

10. Stretching improves your performance in bed

Not only stretching exercises are one of the things recommended for people suffering from osteoporosis, but also, as a result of the increased flexibility and muscle strength that you gain from stretching, you will perform a lot better in the bedroom, it’s another great benefit of stretching!


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