Petroleum Commission’s Trade Mission tours Norway’s Oil Regulator

Participants of the Petroleum Commission’s Trade Mission to Norway have visited the offices of the Norwegian version of PC, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) to familiarize with how things are done there. This formed part of the Commission’s participation in this year’s Offshore North Sea (ONS) Conference, currently underway in Stavanger, Norway.

Here, the entourage made up officials from the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, personnel from the PC, forty (40) indigenous oil and gas companies, and the media, were taken through how the NPD operates in Norway and the lesson that Ghana can derive from the Directorate.

Briefing the participants, Robert Williams, a Geologist at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate said the NPD is a flexible expertise organization, which is an alternative to more traditional hierarchical public administrations that exist elsewhere.

“There are no sections or departments in the NPD, but about 80 teams with designated mandates and defined tasks.

“Management functions rotate, and work communities are established and discontinued. There are about 230 employees joining and leaving teams; and they largely control how to distribute their time in the different teams themselves”, he said.

According to our Conference Correspondent, Joseph Kwame Bezoro, the Ghanaian delegation expressed satisfaction with what they have learnt from the Norwegian counterpart of the Petroleum Commission, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, adding that it is their hope that the PC will implement a thing or two from the experience.|Ghana


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