Deputy Minister for Health, Kingsley Aboagye- Gyedu has revealed that government is yet to finalize financial arrangements and land titles for the construction of a modern regional hospital in the Western Region. The only health facility in the region that qualifies for a regional hospital is the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital.

Since its establishment in 1938, the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital has not seen any major rehabilitation. Several structural defects and deficiencies, as well as logistics have been a major impediment to the provision of quality and essential health services to the people.

Addressing a group of journalists in Takoradi, Mr. Aboagye Gyedu explained until such arrangements are concluded there cannot be a determination as to when or where the facility would be established.

“We are arranging finance to put up a brand-new hospital. As we speak now the decision has not been concluded, whether we want to build it in Effia Nkwanta premises or we are told sites has been acquired somewhere around Agona Nkwanta so the decision has not yet been made. We are also waiting for the finalization of the finance because that is the most important thing and we go through rigorous process to be sure that we get value for money and we also get genuine people who can gives us the finance us they are promising. There are a lot of financers around and if you don’t take care you will sign an agreement with somebody only to realize that the person cannot even bring the finance that he has promised. We would have deceived ourselves and deceived Ghanaians” he said.

The Deputy Minister stressed the seemingly delay should not be construed as an overwhelming challenge to the fulfilling of the president’s promise to the region. He noted some processes need to be adhered to ensure value for money.

“The process is that they come to us with a proposal. We do our due diligence at our level, when we are satisfied that indeed the amount of money they designed and everything is okay then we pass it on to Ministry of Finance for them to do further financial due diligence. When they are satisfied, then we do a joint cabinet memo between Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance, it goes to cabinet, cabinet debates it when they agree on the terms and conditions then it comes back to us and we take it to parliament. So, it is now in cabinet and we are waiting for the processes to go through. When we get it, we send it to parliament”, he clarified.

Hon. Kingsley Aboagye-Gyedu concluded that some five polyclinics would be constructed in the Western Region to improve access and quality of healthcare for the people. He assures a sod cutting ceremony would come off soon for the construction and rehabilitation of these health facilities.