Opanka plays Anas in new song; cautions against corruption [Video]

It’s believed the #iamanas challenge may have informed Opanaka’s decision to do a song on the subject.

In the song titled ‘I am Anas,’ Opanka plays Anas, talks about motive behind his style of journalism and the fact that his anonymity is his power.

Opanka ‘Anas; also intimates there are several Anases and that uncovering him cannot stop him from doing his work.

The song also admonishes Ghanaians to be of good conduct so they do not get caught by Anas’ cameras.

Anas, a Ghanaian investigative journalist, goes undercover in discharge of his duties.

Is has gained repute for bringing to the fore, the various ills of the Ghanaian society.

Watch ‘I am Anas’ by Opanka below:


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