The Usefulness of Social Media to Musicians

As the world races to go completely digital, it is important for our musicians and other members of the creative industry to do their best to use tools or mediums provided by the internet to boost their careers and fields.

When it comes to areas like interview slots for artists, music blogs, album reviews, promotional giveaways, festival submissions amongst others, the internet reigns supreme when it comes to sharing information, interacting with fans, and expressing yourself as an artist. Whether you are part of a music group or a solo performer, social media is now the most important medium artists can use to boost their careers.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the most popular platforms for musicians in addition to countless websites where artists can showcase their talents. However, there are a few dos and don’ts even though there isn’t necessarily a  single perfect way to present your music online.

There are pointers you should follow if you’re a rapper, DJ, singer and want to showcase your talent on social media. There are tons of social media platforms out there, some designed specifically with musicians in mind.

Some social media platforms definitely have much “clout” than others. Facebook, for example boasts  of a user base of nearly 2 billion people – about a quarter of the world population. At the same time, it’s also important to keep in mind that size isn’t everything. SoundCloud, for instance, is much smaller than Facebook, but it exists specifically for the purpose of sharing music, which is obviously a major benefit for musicians.

A good social media strategy is  making profiles of the most popular or relevant websites,beginning with Facebook and work your way towards the smaller websites that get less traffic.

17 Platforms for Musicians to Upload Music or Share Content

There are numerous websites where you can sell or upload your album or single, interact with fans and followers, and share the latest news about your tour schedule, band, or solo act. To help you get started, here are 17 social media platforms that have either been designed for musicians or are useful for musicians despite having more generalized user bases.

Platforms are listed in order of roughly how many users each has.

Facebook – 1.86 billion users
YouTube– 1.3 billion users
Instagram – 600 million monthly active users
Tumblr – 550 million monthly active users
LinkedIn – 467 million users
Twitter – 319 million monthly active users
Snapchat – 301 million monthly active users
SoundCloud – 175 million monthly listeners (40 million registered users)
Pinterest – 150 million monthly active users
Google+ – 111 million active users
Spotify – 50 million paid users (over 30 million tracks) – 44 million users (over 12 million tracks) – 40 million monthly active users
Periscope – 10 million active users
ReverbNation – 3.8 million users
Bandcamp– Approximately 350,000 artists
Twitmusic – Over 50,000 registered artists.

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