GIANTS Of 1996-Year Group Donate Skip Container To GSTS

The 1996-year group of the old student association of Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS) has donated one skip loader also known as refuse container to their alma mater.

According to the leader of the Takoradi Chapter for the 1996-year group, Mr. Kwame Boabeng Boateng, their decision to get a skip container for the school was informed by a needs assessment they did two years ago.

The skip loader (refuse container) which cost the old boys twelve thousand Ghana Cedis (GHc12000) is intended to augment the effort of the school in managing solid waste.

“when the container over flows and Zoomlion has not come to lift, it’s an eyesore. And the fact that the refuse container sits close to the dinning hall, we can not sit and wait for an outbreak before we act”, he added.

Mr. Kwame B. Boateng however mentioned that knowing too well the additional refuse container will bring cost to bear on the school, the 1996-year group have a plan in place to support the school defray the cost.

Receiving the refuse container on behalf of the School, the Head Master of the Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS) Mr. Samuel Kofi Essel who was full of praise for the old boys said, it has been on the priority list of the school to get additional refuse container but how to get it was the problem.

With a student population of ten thousand nine hundred and ninety-six (10,996) excluding residential teachers and their family on campus, Mr. Essel noted that managing waste in the school is another huge task to management and it’s equally a heavy toll on the school’s purse.

He explained that the school spends almost three thousand Ghana Cedis (GHc3000) every month just to lift solid waste from the school.

Mr. Samuel Kofi Essel, also pleaded with old boys of GSTS to look at what the 1996-year group has done and emulate since their contributions to the school both in cash and in-kind has contributed much to the progress of the school in time past.

Kojo Ennimil Arthur||Ghana