Disregard fake palm oil reports on social media – FDA

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has asked the general public to disregard social media reports on the emergence of a supposed palm oil mixed with “Sudan dyes” on the Ghanaian market.

The attention of the FDA was drawn to news about the seizure of two brands of palm oil — POLIFUDS and ZOMI – seized in Switzerland purported to contain Sudan dyes.

In an interview with Spicefmonline, Communication Manager for FDA, James Lartey, mentioned that the FDA has instituted regulatory measures to ensure the safety of palm oil consumed internally as well as exports.

James Lartey added that, investigations by the FDA revealed that although palm oil is locally referred to as “Zomi”, the implicated brands were not registered with the FDA.

According to him, the alleged “ZOMI” cannot be associated with Ghana only.

“We have checked from the ports as well as our data base and it was revealed that we have neither imported nor exported palm oil mixed with Sudan 4 dye,” he said.

He said market surveillance carried out so far by the FDA had also not established that the said brands of palm oil are in circulation on the Ghanaian market.