2017 National Unity Games: Recap of Volleyball in Ghana

The 2017 National Unity Games ended yesterday with volleyball being the talk of the tournament.

In the male category, Greater Accra proved to the country that indeed volleyball is played in Accra by defending the tittle as champions when National Unity Game is concern. They took home the gold medal after demolishing their opponents (Eastern region) in the finals of the tournament. Hard work pays .Well done Greater Accra.

Eastern region had no option but to accept the second position left to them by the Greater Accra male team – walking home with the silver medal.

The match which attracted the attention of spectacular spectators was the match between Upper East Region and the Ashanti Region. Hell broke loose as the two energetic regions battled for the last medal left on the table (bronze ). Upper East was the fortunate side, walking back home with the bronze medal.

Therefore placing them third in the tournament. So at the men’s division of the just ended National Unity Games.

Greater Accra -1st
Eastern region -2nd
Upper east region -3rd.

For the women division the Greater Accra continued and announced their presence in Kumasi by winning the Gold medal, followed by Northern region ladies and the third price award went to the Western region.

So at the end of the competition (women division )
Greater Accra -1st
Northern region -2nd
Western region -3rd.

Isaac barns of Greater Accra took home the player of the tournament. Well-done Isaac.


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